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Check out this video one of my friends made on a trip last year.

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Canada 2012

We are back from our annual walleye trip and ready to hit the Big Lake.  Call today to book your trip.  Fishing has been excellent so far this year and hopefully stays hot as we move into summer.   Our answering machine has been acting up.  Please give me a call or email if you recently left a message but have not heard back from me.    231-723-5965

August 20, 2011 PDF
Manistee Charter FishingHappy Birthday Mitch!   We fished with long time customer Bob F on Saturday night. Bob brought along Mitch who was celebrating his 13th birthday.  Fishing was slow at first but the action picked up as the evening went on. The guys ended up with a nice box of fish and rumor has it that Mitch is still walking around with a big smile on his teenage mug. His football conditioning paid off as he battled several big Kings without a single complaint.  We look forward to fishing with you guys again next summer!
August 18, 2010 PDF
Lake Michigan Charter FishingWell, the wind finally quit blowing...... kind of.   It was rough so we had to take our time on the way out.  I fished today with Fred, Carl and Barb who proved to be a hearty crew.  They did a great job fighting fish and only lost a couple. We had good action early inside of 100 feet of water.  Riggers 75 - 55 down with plugs on the corners and a big white hootch in the center with a KRW Aquaglow fly were all good early.  So were the low divers with hootchies and flies.  Later in the morning we took a few fish on full cores with plugs and mag spoons.. 
August 15, 2010 PDF
Happy Go Lucky ChartersFishing remains slow given the time of year and number of fish we are marking.  Last night was slow again.  Fished with two other boats and only had 10 fish between the three of us.  We were back out this morning and it looked to be even worse.  We were setting on one fish and running out of time when we finally found a small group of active fish.  We worked the area hard and took four more fish before the boat traffic picked up and the fish turned off again.  Mark and I enjoyed the morning with a great couple from Bay City.  Charlie was fast to the rods and did an excellent job spotting bites and landing fish.  Julie even got in on the action and took a nice King too.  The low point of the day was having our leadcores run over for the third day in a row!!   I don't know if people aren't paying attention, don't care or just don't understand but it is starting to get expensive!! 
August 14, 2010 PDF
Happy Go Lucky ChartersLast night was tough fishing.  It was day one of two with the No Bitchin Fishin Group.  We had three boats out on the lake and only managed 11 fish between all of us.  Hopefully tonight goes better for these guys.  This morning was a little better and we came in with 8 fish.  There are tons of fish setting out front in 80-150 feet of water but they are not biting great for any one.  For as slow as it was, we were very happy with our catch.  Took fish on plugs and rotators with flies, As high as full cores and as deep as 100 down.  Back out tonight with the NBF guys and hope to get them a bunch of fish! 
August 9th, 2010 PDF
Lake Fishing Charter FishingAnother day of high winds kept us tied to the dock yesterday.  The lake laid down last night and was beautiful this morning.  We fished with two great couples from the Lansing area and enjoyed a wonderful day on the water.  We never had a real hot bite but picked away pretty steady and ended up with 13 kings, a steelhead and a lake trout.  Our 55 foot rigger with a Moonshine Flounder Pounder was our hot rod of the day.  We also took fish on riggers running as deep as 85, half cores, full cores and copper.  Spoons. plugs and rotators all took fish.   We even had a fish hit a core right behind the boat while we were setting it. 
August 7th, 2010 PDF

Manistee SalmonWe made it out on the lake today for the annual DumboGotti fishing trip with a great group of anglers from Illinois.  Yesterday's blow cancelled a lot of trips and stirred up the lake pretty good.  It was a tough day of fishing for most so we were happy with our catch of 5 nice fish and a few misses.   Congratulations to Jay who took big fish and walked away with the highly coveted DumboGotti Trophy!  We are already looking forward to next year's trip. 

July 31, 2010 PDF
Manistee Salonn FishingIt was a little rainy today but the fish were biting.  We ended up 10 for 16 or 17 this morning and lost a heartbreaker after a 40 minute battle on leadcore.  Fishing has been good with a couple slow days mixed in.  There were a lot of fish out front and to the South today.  Hopefully they will stick around.  Everything seemed to be working copper, core, riggers and divers all took fish.   I just had a cancellation for Friday, Aug 2nd that I need to fill.  I also have some other dates in August that are still open.  Shoot me an email if you would like to get out fishing. 
July 22, 2010 PDF
Manistee Salmon FishingI got out for a few hours after work with my first mate Brian and his wife Allison.  It was a little bumpier than we expected but we had a good time and caught some fish.  We ended up with five nice Kings and missed a few others.  A big White Hooch with a KRW fly was our best rod again last night.  We were running it 80 feet down on the center rigger.  We also hit fish on full cores, divers back 150 and a 60 foot rigger with a "Hey Baby" early and "Blue Berry Muffin - Glo" later.  I am including a picture of Allison with her best fish of the night.
July 20, 2010 PDF
Lake Michigan SalmonWe had another great day out on the lake.  It was foggy coming across Manistee Lake but the big lake was clear.  Fishing was a little slow early but picked up as the morning went on. The weather could not have been nicer.  We ended up with nine nice fish and missed a few others.  No one thing was really working and we just picked away taking fish on riggers, divers, core and copper.  Our best action was out deeper.
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