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Spring 2009 PDF
Opening Day 2009Spring is finally here!  We had an excellent steelhead opener on the Little Manistee this year.  Prep work on the boat for the 2009 season is underway.  We still have a lot of great dates available so call today to reserve yours.   We are offering $50 off our June and July trips through Pure Michigan.  Please call for details. 
October 9th Report PDF
Manistee SalmonThe boat is scheduled to be pulled next Wednesday and we are wrapping up the season.  Thanks to all who fished with us in 2008.  We appreciate the business and look forward to doing it again next year.  I did get out a couple times since my last report and found fish on both trips.   The fishing is good right now but the wind and work is keeping us off the lake.  August weekends are already filling fast for next year.  We have excellent fishing in July and hope that more people will take advantage of it in 2009.  Please give me a call and reserve your dates for next year.  Prime weekend dates go fast so it is not too early to get your trip booked now. 
September 7th, 2008 PDF
Lake Michigan Salmon FishingThe 2008 season is beginning to wind down.  The best fishing recently has been in the harbor and in the shallow water along the beach.  We fished south of the harbor today and took 7 nice Kings in 20 - 30 feet of water.  Plugs off the boards took most of our hits but we did take two fish off the riggers.  My trips for next weekend have cancelled so please give me a call if you would like to get out. 
August 25, 2008 Report PDF

Manistee Charter FishingSorry for the lack of reports.  We have been too busy fishing too keep up with the website.  There are lots of fish in the 120 -160 foot range both North and South of the harbor.  We fished from the 15's down to the 10's tonight and went 9 for 14 in some pretty lumpy seas.  Big White Hootch with a KRW Aqua Gold Glo was good on the center rigger down 85.  We also took fish on a green hootch with the same fly down 70.  10 colors of lead and copper went a couple times as did our wire diver back 165 with blue spin Dr and KRW fly. 

August 19th Report PDF

Manistee FishingWe fished with a great group of folks today.  We went 7 for 9 in spite of getting off to a late start at 9 this morning.  Everyone did an excellent job fighting fish and we all had a great time.  The lake was nice in morning but was starting to get pretty rough by the time we quit fishing.  Plugs on three colors of lead and a pearl J-Plug 14 down on a rigger were our best.  We caught of all things.... a trolling bag on our center rigger.  If you lost one let me know and we will get it back to you. 

August 17, 2008 Report PDF
Manistee MichiganSLOW is the word from Manistee over the weekend.  We struggled to get 3 or 4 fish on all of our trips over the weekend.  We have had nonstop North wind and the lake is cold everywhere.  The fish are scattered from the shoreline out to 400 feet of water and fishing was tough.  Hopefully things straighten out soon!
August 15th Report PDF
Manistee HarborWe spent a stressful evening in the harbor but took eight nice fish in the process.  We missed a couple and had 2 run over and cut off by other boats.  One guy ran over my lines and then pulled up next to me to scream at us for "not driving straight and having to big of a boat to be in the harbor" ???   While he was yelling at us, he ran over another boats lines and we were able to turn and get away from him.  It was nuts and kind of takes the fun out of fishing. 
August 13, 2008 Report PDF
Lake Michigan Salmon - ManisteeWe really need some south winds to straighten out the lake.  We have cold water everywhere and the fish are scattered.  We took nine nice Kings today but we really had to work for them.  We fished out on the shelf in 70 to 220 feet of water.  Many boats stayed in the harbor or trolled along the beaches North and South of Manistee.  A green ladder back plug on 10 colors of lead was our best today.  We took fish on both high and low divers with hootchies and KRW Aqua Gold flies.  The big white hootch on the center rigger went a couple times.  Once at 45 down and then later at 60.  By the end of the day we had it down 110 but couldn't get it to go. 
August 10, 2008 Update PDF
Salmon FishingFishing was good again today and the lake was a lot nicer than predicted.  We fished with another group from Ohio and had a great time out on the water.  Our best fishing was from the 13's down through the 10's.  Five and ten color lead core with plugs was good.  Also took fish on high divers with Spin Doctors and KRW Aqua Gold Glow flies and plugs on riggers 25 - 40 down. 
August 8th, 2008 Report PDF
Manistee King SalmonThe boys from Ohio were up in Manistee today and put the hurt on our fish population.  They took a six man limit (only three guys pictured) by quarter to 10 this morning.  They did a great job on the rods and didn't lose many at all.  We are back out tomorrow for round two.  The fish remain high in the water column.  Best rods were 5 colors of lead with a Silver Horde plug and a blue berry muffin super glow spoon on our 30 foot rigger. 
August 5th Report PDF
Lake Michigan Salmon FishingWe got off to a late start today but still managed five nice fish.  Today riggers took most of our hits. We had few raps on the divers but the lead was completely dead.  A green Silver Horde on our 40 foot rigger was our best rod. This was my first trip with our new down riggers and it is going to take me a while to get use to the speed.  They are FAST.  Fished South from the 11's down to the 8's.  We had a steady pick for the first 45 minutes but then they shut down.  I am taking Wednesday and Thursday off but will be fishing pretty much everday for the rest of the month.   I do have the 17th open if you are still looking for a date in August.
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