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Friday, October 19, 2007 PDF

Manistee Rainbow taken by Sandy SaylorThe boat is scheduled to be pulled next week.  I'll be glad to have it tucked away for the winter but am always sad to see the season end.  As I said in my last post, we had a another great year with LOTS of fish and wonderful customers. 

I stopped at the weir a couple days ago and saw something that surprised me.  Of the 10,000 plus Kings harvested on the Little Manistee, the largest so far was a 19 pounder.  This confirms our findings this season that while the Kings were plentiful they were running smaller.  All the same, I am still surprised that they didn't have a few 20 pounders come through the weir.  

September 18, 2007 PDF

Manistee sunsetThe sun sets on another great season. 

Wind, wind, and more wind has been the story here in Manistee.  This is pretty typical for this time of the year but it would be nice to get out a couple more times.  I am hoping for calm day or two to get out deep and look for young Kings and Steelhead.  I love fishing Lake Michigan in the Fall. 

We enjoyed another great year with lots of fish and great customers!  It is not too early to give us a call and reserve weekend dates for next year. 

September 3, 2007 Report PDF

I took the holiday weekend off to spent time with my family.  According to all reports, fishing was excellent and looks to continue that way.  Limit catches were common over Labor Day weekend.  I still have a couple weekend openings in September if you are interested in getting out on the lake this summer. 

August 24, 2007 Report PDF
Manistee Charter FishingFishing was decent over the weekend.  The fish are scattered through the water column and boat traffic has been very high.  We took 11 fish on our Friday trip.  5 5aturday AM and another 5 Saturday evening.  Fishing improved on Sunday and we were able to get 11 on our morning trip.   Fish came as high as 3 colors of leadcore and as deep as 100 foot down on a rigger.  I had problems with my camera both Saturday and Sunday.  I am hoping that my customers will send me a picture from those trips so that I can post them in the gallery.
August 22, 2007 Report PDF
Fish ManisteeFishing remains great here in Manistee.  There are lots of fish being taken in the harbor and on the beach.  We have been avoiding the boat traffic in the shallow water and fishing out on the shelf.  There are still good numbers of Kings and Coho out there.  A lot of boats fished the shallow water today so traffic was very light out on the self.  Everything was working including hey baby on five colors, NBK on ten colors,  plugs off the riggers, and Hootchies and KRW flies on the divers.   The inside marker is missing from the net in the 14's so keep that in mind if you are fishing out of your own boat. 
August 18, 2007 Report PDF
Manistee King SalmonWe had a great day out on the lake today with a nice group of guys.   We did some catching and quite a bit of fishing.  Had a number of fish that just didn't want to stay hooked for some reason including a couple of heart breakers that got close enough to give us a look but then shook the hook and took off.  Still sent the guys home with a cooler full of fillets and a lot of good memories.   Big white hootch with a KRW aquagold fly was hot on a low diver 75 back.  Plugs off the riggers were good set 25 - 50 down.  The Stinger mag natural born killer has been good for me on 10 colors of lead core all year long. 
Saturday, August 11, 2007 Report PDF
Fish Happy Go LuckyGot a late start today and missed first bite.  We had to work for them but still managed a good box with 11 nice fish (one hidden in photo).  Took a couple fish on plugs off the riggers 50 and 60 down then rode for quite a while.  We eventually found a spot that was still holding some active fish and worked that for the rest of the morning.  KRW Aquagold on a big hootch was good on a 70 foot rigger and a low diver back 140.  Leadcore took quite a few fish - both 5 and 10 colors.  In addition to several nice kings we took a lake trout, a steelhead, and a coho.  
August 9, 2007 Report PDF
Manistee Charter FishingFishing remains very good in Manistee.  We were 11 for 16 this morning with 10 Kings and a Coho.  Plugs have been working well for the early bite on riggers 50, 60 and 70 down. We fished pretty much straight out this morning and had a good first bite in 80 - 110 fow.  Later in the morning the center rigger 75 down with a big white hootch and a KRW Aquagold fly was very good.  Took fish on 7 and 10 colors of leadcore, low divers 100- 150 back and a high diver 225 back on three with a little ring. 
August 6, 2007 Report PDF
Manistee Salmon FishingBoat traffic in Manistee has really picked up.  Fishing remains good to excellent depending on where you fish on any particular day.  This weekend's east wind also has the fish scattered as far as depth goes.  Our last two fish yesterday came within minutes of each other. One was  a 17 pounder that hit a Hey Baby spoon on 5 colors of leadcore and the other was a big male that hit a white hootch and KRW fly 110 down on the center rigger.  The fish are moving into the area in good numbers and the fishing will get even better as we move deeper into August.  I still have the morning of August 11 (this Saturday) open due to a cancellation.  Give me a call if you want to get out fishing.
July 28, 2007 Report PDF
Manistee SalmonOverall fishing has remained good this past week.  Some days have been better than others.  Yesterday's north blow scattered the fish today.  The fish that were around were in tight pockets but boat traffic made it tough to keep turning on them.  The early bite has been up high in the warmer water.  3, 5 and 10 colors of leadcore have been good.  Also taking fish on the riggers between 30 and 70 down.  Low drivers set short have been hot first thing in the morning.  Ultra glow spoons early, hootchies and spoons have all been taking fish. 
July 21, 2007 Report PDF

Great night on the lake tonight.  We ended up 13 for 19.  Started in the 13's and fished down to the 9's.  Riggers started out hot with Hootchies and KRW Aquagold's set 45-35 down.  Then the wire divers started to go with blue Spin Dr's and Aquagold flies.   We had them set 135 - 110 back.  Fishing was pretty steady from 6:30 right up till dark.  Hit a quad just after the sun dipped below the water but only managed to land one of the four.  All good sized adult Kings with a couple Coho's mixed in. 


I have a cancellation on Aug 11 if anyone is looking for a Saturday in August.  Still plenty of other dates available too.  Give me a call and let's get out fishing.

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