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May 1, 2007 PDF
Manistee Brown TroutHere is an interesting picture of a 12 pound brown taken in the Manistee harbor.  This could be a good sign for our Brown Trout population.  This fatty was packed full of gobies.  I have read about the Lake Trout in Lake Huron eating them, but this is the first Lake Michigan fish I have come across with a belly full of gobies.  It is great to see our fish adapting and taking advantage of this very abundant Lake Michigan invader.  Hopefully the Kings and Steelhead are feeding on them too.
April 22nd Update PDF
Adam and the crew in St. JoeCongratulations go out to my buddy Adam Ellis and his crew who fished the Flint Steelheader tournament in St. Joe last weekend.  Adam told me "Our goal this year was to place in a tournament, and we took 5th place in the very first one."   They ran out the night before for a quick shakedown trip and took 9 fish in an hour and half.  Unfortunately, the fish moved deeper overnight and most boats struggled.  Adam picked away at them and rounded up enough to clinch their impressive 5th place finish.  The hottest bait for the weekend was an unidentified pale yellow spoon (picked up on sale) fished behind three colors of leadcore.  Adam also reported that “the water was flat all weekend, and the when we were on fish they seemed to like it a little faster... The ideal speed was around 3 mph according to the Sub-Troll and direction didn't seem to matter too much.” 
April 16, 2007 Update PDF
Spring is trying to fight its way in but winter isn't going quietly.  There is still snow on the ground but the weather is mild and it should be gone soon. Hopefully for good, this time.  Fished the little river Saturday morning and caught a nice spawned out hen.   She hit like a freight train and put up a good fight.  That was the highlight of the weekend.  Spent the rest of it stuck in a swamp.  Got the truck buried up to the frame and ended up having to leave it over night.  My brother and a friend came out on Sunday and we were able to pull it out with a come along.  Could have saved myself a lot of trouble if I had one with me in the first place.  I learned a valuable lesson about driving through water filled ruts without first checking their depth.  Looking forward to turkey season and getting out for my first ever turkey hunt. 
April 6, 2007 Update PDF
The trout opener on the Little Manistee saw decent fishing and excellent weather.  I got three skippers on opening morning but didn't land any large fish.  I fished the river a couple times after opening day but with no success.  As I mentioned, the weather was fantastic on opening day but it went to heck shortly after that.  We ended up having a white Easter and the weather was more conducive to snowmobiling than fishing.  A lot of people broke the sleds out for one last ride over the holiday weekend.  I have been trying to get caught up on work around the house so that I can get to work on the boat when the weather warms up again.   A few browns have been taken along the beach and the rivers are still producing a few fish.  I am looking forward to warmer weather and getting back out on the Big Lake.
3 days until Spring PDF

 Happy St Patrick's Day! We still have quite a bit of snow in the woods but it is going fast in town.   Fishing reports from the Big Manistee River have been sounding good.  The first part of March was hit and miss but the Spring runoff is pulling good numbers of fish into the river.   Early opener on the Little Manistee River is just around the corner.  I am looking forward to tangling with a steelhead on the Little River and visiting the camps to catch up with friends.  I have never hunted turkeys before but drew a permit for the early season and am going to give it a try this year.  I don't really expect to shoot anything but look forward to getting out in the woods.   The boat has inspection scheduled for April 26th so it will be going in earlier than usual to get ready for that.  The weekends are starting to fill so give us a call to reserve your charter fishing trip. 

Ice Fishing PDF
Manistee Ice FishingI don't do a lot of ice fishing but had a great time fishing with friends from college last weekend.  We usually try to get together a couple times a year.  Our latest rendezvous was for an ice fishing weekend.  I didn't know if we would actually venture out onto the ice because these get togethers usually involve more eating, drinking and BS'n than fishing.   We decided to go out and drill a few holes Saturday afternoon and stumbled into a good batch of crappies.  I didn't catch anything huge but the other guys got some monsters up to 17 inches. 
February 22nd Update PDF

Good News.  I heard back from the guys in Canada and we are working on getting our trip booked (see below).   I am looking forward to getting back up to Esnagi. 

Last year's knee injury put the kibosh on snowmobiling so I have been trying to make up for that by getting out as much as possible this year.  I took the day off yesterday and snowmobiled to White Cloud with a friend.  I have a feeling that might be the last ride of the year as the snow is really disappearing. We rode 210 miles yesterday and while conditions were good in the morning, they had really deteriorated by the time we got back in the evening.

Our recent heat wave here in Manistee has me thinking about getting out on Lake Michigan.  Only 28 days until Spring!   

New Web Site PDF

The guys at Experience Outdoors are not only excellent fishermen but they are also pretty handy at creating web sites.  They have put this new site together for me and I am slowly finding my way around and adding content.  I had the pleasure of fishing with Tom and Greg last fall on their boat out of Ludington.  They are great host and put a limit of nice Kings in the boat in short order. 

Canada Trip PDF

WalleyeMy Dad, brother and I have been making an annual trip to Canada the past few years.  In the past, we have driven up to Wawa and then flown out of Hawk Junction into Esnagi Lake.   Esnagi is 27 miles long and is actually the flooded portion of the Magpie River behind a dam.  It is a great get away and my Dad looks forward to the trip all year long.  Dad fished this same area back before he was married and before they built the dam.  My brother and I grew up listening to stories about his trips to Canada so it is great to get to go with him. 

This is a picture of my Dad and Brother with the fish we kept for shore lunch one day.  Shore lunches are the best part of the trip! 

Book your own hunting or fishing trip in Canada 


Deer Season PDF
Manistee County DeerThought I would post a picture of the deer I shot during the Michigan firearm season.  I had been in my blind for almost 10 hours straight and was looking forward to heading back to camp when this guy chased a doe across in front of me.  My hunting partner shot another nice buck two days later so the season was a complete success for us.   I only had one license so I was forced to sleep in and hangout back at camp during the rest of my vacation.  I did get out trolling on Manistee Lake a couple times and caught some nice steelhead with Tom who first mates for me in the summer.  I have never hunted out of state but am going to join some friends down in Ohio after Thanksgiving next year.  I am already looking forward to that trip.
We are No Longer in Business PDF

Happy Go Lucky ChartersAfter ten years, hundreds of charters, and thousands of fish; we have decide to retire from charter fishing.  We thank our customers and friends who have fished with us over the years.  We had a lot of fun! 


We highly recommend Captain Craig Kent of Killin Time Charters to pick up where we left off.  If he is already booked on a date that you want to fish, we suggest you start your search for a new Captain at FishManistee.com

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