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Captain Howard VaasI am a life long resident of Manistee and have been fishing since I was old enough to hold onto a fishing pole.  I grew up on the Little Manistee River just a 1/2 mile downstream from the DNR harvest weir.  My family has always considered the opening of trout season second only to Christmas on our list of major holidays. As a matter of fact, I made my first TV appearance at age 5 while a TV crew was filming the trout opener at my parent's home on the Little Manistee.  My brother and I started salmon fishing on Lake Michigan with my Dad back in the early 70's.  After college, I bought my own boat and began to hone my skills on Lake Michigan.  After many years of successful "fun fishing", I discovered that what I enjoyed most about fishing was sharing it with others.  It was this realization that led me to become a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain and open Happy-Go-Lucky Sportfishing Charters. 
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Mark and AdamI have been fishing with my brother Mark all my life.  He is an excellent fisherman and we "just work well together."  Mark graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Natural Resources.  He works for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and is currently involved with creel census.  Because his busy time at work coincides with the height of charter season he is not able to fish with me as often as I would like.   However, if he isn't working you can bet that he is going to be on the boat. 
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 Brian and I have been best friends since we were kids and have been fishing Lake Michigan together since the day I bought my first boat.  Brian teaches Math and Computers for Manistee Area Public Schools and has the summers off which works well for this business.  Brian is excellent at keeping track of all the details on the boat when things get crazy. He is usually a step ahead of me when it comes to changing course to get back into the fish. 
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Tom VeineTom, Tommy, T, Big T it doesn't matter what we call him... Tom is always fun to have on the boat.  Tom is Brian's Dad and has always treated me like a member of his family.  I can usually rope T into joining me for a day on the lake but his true love is steelhead fishing on the river.  Tom spends a lot of time on the Big Manistee River and has recently started trolling Manistee Lake for steelhead in the late fall and into the winter.  Tom could write a book on his personal outdoor mishaps and provides comic relief when the fishing is slow.


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